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Edisi terkini 2015


D.I.Y Cards by MakLady
Kad Ucapan HandMade ini Direka Khas,
sebagai pengganti diri, dan untuk
meraikan hari istimewa bersama
mereka tersayang, jauh dan dekat.

* Birthday * Wedding* Anniversary *
*Congratulations * Best Wishes*
*Miss You * Get Well Soon*


Dari RM 3.50 - RM 5.00

*contoh Handmade Cards from Encik Google

* Kad ucapan di atas adalah idea dan rekaan EXCLUSIVE MakLady. Semua design tersebut digubah agar menepati tujuan dan situasi tertentu. Setiap kad mempunyai identiti

sendiri. Tiada ulangan rekaan. Namun jika berminat, kami

sedia menerima tempahan mengikut citarasa anda. (tertakluk kepada rekaan dan syarat yang ditetapkan.)

Penghantaran akan dibuat melalui poslaju pada setiap hari Selasa dan Khamis. Bayaran Pos akan ditanggung oleh pelanggan.

BERMINAT untuk mendapatkan kad ucapan MakLady

melalui penghantaran PosLaju atau COD area Setiawangsa, Ampang, WangsaMaju & Jelatek.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clearance SALE~!!

Ready Stock ...

Men's Shirt direct from LONDON~ Limited Edition!!!

Code: MS - PS0203
Paul Smith LONDON
Classic Fit Shirt
- Sweet Striped Light White/Blue

Neck Size :
15 1/2 in
( 38cm)

*Exclusive Designed *
* Classic Fit Shirt*
*Paul Smith London embossed cream buttons.

The shoulder and armhole are stitched down 3 times
to give a durable and clean finish.

Two-piece hand turned collars combines with
removable bones ensure perfect form,
both with or without a tie.

The back yokes are made from 3 separate
pieces of fabric to complete the balanced fit.

Single cuff shirts come complete with twin
buttonholes for the use of cufflinks when required.
Traditional Specification

Woven 100% Cotton

Paul Smith
Code: MS - PS0204
Stripe Light Purple/White

Long sleeve
100% cotton
Size : 18 (44cm)

HURRY!! Special Price On the Blog
Last Price : Rm 100 (Free postage)
Extra FREE gift included.


just place your inquiries & order,
in this blogspot @ (comments)
and you can also

id : ininieza (Lady Nieza)

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Sahuri Junko said...

hi there...
nak tanya...Code: MS - PS0203 is what size? or ada other sizes?


~ We Care! We Share! ~ (" , ) said...

For the info : this is a CLEARANCE SALE...

Hanya tinggal size2 yg tertera itu sahaja. TERIMA KASIH

happy shopping dear.. :)

Iena Eliena said...

singgah follow sini + vote for Online Shopping Of The Year..
jom tlg vote cik iena jugak utk kategori blog of the year(^_~)

~ We Care! We Share! ~ (" , ) said...

Thanks Iena Eliena (sedapnya nama dia... ;))

MWBS pn vote cik iena..

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