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Edisi terkini 2015


D.I.Y Cards by MakLady
Kad Ucapan HandMade ini Direka Khas,
sebagai pengganti diri, dan untuk
meraikan hari istimewa bersama
mereka tersayang, jauh dan dekat.

* Birthday * Wedding* Anniversary *
*Congratulations * Best Wishes*
*Miss You * Get Well Soon*


Dari RM 3.50 - RM 5.00

*contoh Handmade Cards from Encik Google

* Kad ucapan di atas adalah idea dan rekaan EXCLUSIVE MakLady. Semua design tersebut digubah agar menepati tujuan dan situasi tertentu. Setiap kad mempunyai identiti

sendiri. Tiada ulangan rekaan. Namun jika berminat, kami

sedia menerima tempahan mengikut citarasa anda. (tertakluk kepada rekaan dan syarat yang ditetapkan.)

Penghantaran akan dibuat melalui poslaju pada setiap hari Selasa dan Khamis. Bayaran Pos akan ditanggung oleh pelanggan.

BERMINAT untuk mendapatkan kad ucapan MakLady

melalui penghantaran PosLaju atau COD area Setiawangsa, Ampang, WangsaMaju & Jelatek.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Clip on Pouch

We have a new style item 4u!

It's a pouch!:)
u can use it as hp pouch, or camera pouch (if u happen to have the slim one) or even just to feel it with ur coins and notes!:D

But, be surprise, its not attached with a strap, but with a clip!
so just clip in to your trousers and walk with pride!

front: coins slot

back: coins slot no 2

okay..u still wanna use strap?we have one in every pouch!
*xtra slip slot at front

13cm X 8cm X 1.5cm

all these with just RM 11

HP 0001 (blue/black /army green)

inside view

Blue - SOLD
Black - Available
Army Green - SOLD

HP 0002(white/black)


inside view

White - Available
Black - Available

HP 0003(army green/black)


inside view

Army Green - Available (2pcs)
Black - Available

HP 0004(Blue/black)


inside view

Blue - SOLD @ bazaar
Black - Available
Green - Available
Cream - Available

HP 0005 (SOLD)


inside view

HP 0006 (SOLD)


the only pouch that have design on its cover (inside)

inside view

HP 0007 (Available)


inside view [the only pouch that have different design of closure]

*ADD RM4 each pouch for postage (Msia)
*ask for posting method for outside Malaysia

1 comment:

~ Lady Neza ~ (" , ) said...

U know what? the pouch is so practical when u can take it with u (together with ur HP or camera) anyway.

Let say, u need to do something outdoors, and at the same time u need to have ur HP by yourside. In case "someone" call?? or u need to talk photos while u r out there... well? here is your solution! A handy pouch is what u need..:)

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